Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodnight Rivercourt

Tonight James Lafferty broke our hearts...He said goodbye to the Rivercourt and the OTH Family went crazy..

A top tweet!

(Photo credited to Ali Bevins)

(Photo credited to James Lafferty's Twitter)
This last picture was the one James posted with this message:

Lights shining on our Rivercourt for the very last time. This is one location I will never forget. 

Here are some tweets from #GoodnightRivercourt: 

"Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to another historic evening.." 

"The day you start thinking love is overrated is the day you're wrong.." Haley James Scott will always be our home.. taught us how to love, how to laugh, how to deal with our taught us everything :(

 forever in the hearts of the ..

this will forever be OUR Rivercourt..

i can't even imagine how James was feeling walking away from the Rivercourt tonight...  

i literally feel like i've lost a part of myself tonight :( ..can't believe it's all ending :(

 you will always be the place we came for answer..your lights will shine on forever! 

 you will always be the place where Peyton professed her love to Lucas :(

2003-2012  </3

We could NEVER truly say goodbye to the place that we feel safe & the place that guided us through life...  You MADE us

Chills reading 's tweet. Can't believe we've lived at the Rivercourt for close to a decade.  

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