Friday, November 18, 2011

Filming the Finale

SophiaBush My last van ride to work … The countdown has 

truly begun. Oh wow. xo
DaphneZuniga Dear time, can you please slow down a little 

bit today? Thx:)

@AUS10NICHOLS: Today is the final day of shooting for 

One Tree Hill. Saying goodbye to all these talented folks.  

Unraveling a bit.

@DaphneZuniga: AAAAHHHH! Today’s the last day of this show!! Drinking my last am cup of java in makeup…

DaphneZuniga@vikLew our craft service made an #OTH 

breakfast tray!

Sophia Bush And that’s a #GoodnightVictoria

 @DaphneZunigaloveyou like a mother, a sister, a best 

friend. xo

DaphneZuniga@SophiaBush, I love you so much! Victoria 

and Brooke made it work.

ThisIsLafferty As One Tree Hill wraps today, I think we all 

owe a thank you to Mark Schwahn. He dreamed it all up 

and changed our lives. #ThanksMastermind.

makeupbytym: Had amazing last 4 yrs with my #oth family so greatful for everything

OTHextas: Farewell, goodnight, thank you for 9 years of good times.

SophiaBush: Three more scenes as Brooke Davis. Wow ..."For now, I say goodbye to this chapter in my life and I look forward to what comes next."

RealOneTreeHill: 9 years. 187 eps. Over 8k scenes. Millions of amazing fans. 6,471,818,671 people in the world, and sometimes all you need is #OneTreeHill

RealOneTreeHill: #OTHfamily we know ur a lil sad 2day, we r 2. But we worked hard to give you a great final season. It starts Jan. 11.

RealOneTreeHill: Don't say #GoodnightTreeHill quite yet. Season 9, the final season starts Jan. 11 only on the CW network!!! It's gonna be epic!!!

ChadMMurray: Congrats to the cast, crew and fans of @realonetreehill! 9 yrs & 100's of stories shared. U all deserve the best! Cheers...

SophiaBush: Rehershal is up on the last scene of One TreeHill Episode 913. The 187th episode of the series. What a beautiful feeling this is...

RealOneTreeHill: Now filming the very last scene..#OTHfamily #ThankYouOTHfans #ThankYouMarkSchwahn #ThankYouOTHCast&Crew #ThankYouWilmington

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