Monday, November 21, 2011

Filming the Finale 11/15

Stephen Colletti: "I'll see you again When the stars fall from the sky And the moon has turned red Over One Tree Hill."

Tyler Hilton: Last day of filming for ol Chris Keller. One last hurrah w/ @StephenColletti @alexapolletti and @gennapolletti

Tyler Hilton: That's a wrap for Lee Norris!!!!

AUS10NICHOLS: Last day of work for Lee Norris. I was there for his final scene. Great actor. #GoodnightMouth

SophiaBush: With a full heart. I watched @LisaGoldstein & #LeeNorris film their last scene today. #GoodnightMillie 
LisaGoldstein: #goodnightmillie, #hellobangs!!

RobEBuckley: I can't believe that I'm halfway through my final day on OTH, to say its surreal would be a colassal understatement. 

TheRealShantel: Cant believe its here: My LAST day ever shooting on OTH and the tears already started...I'm going to be a mess today. Hard to see this end!

TheRealShantel: Just rehearsed & about to shoot my last scene ever on OTH with @RobEBuckley. Its an honor to work beside and laugh with my BFF for 3 seasons!

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