Thursday, November 3, 2011

An Evening With One Tree Hill

(Credited to Sophia Bush's Twitter)

An Evening With One Tree Hill was a night full of memories, sadness, and lots of tears. The whole #OTHFamily even those who did not attend remembered the last 9 years of pure One Tree Hill bliss and even took over Twitter to remember what we love the most about this show. The evening felt like a second #OTHDay when the power of the #OTHFamily was united!
 Jackson Brundage made an incognito appeareance at the beginning of the night to dance for the audience, Rob Buckley ended up dancing also, and the cast shed many tears. The big shocker was when they showed a OTHS9 preview which made the fans go crazy. In the clip there was a fire, Dan & Chris Keller teamed up, chase in the back of a cop car, Haley identifying a dead body & Julian getting beaten up. You can watch the clip here: One Tree Hill season 9 promises to be absolutley mind blowing and insane! During the night, Mark talked about having Two Tree Hill which made the fans go crazy! The cast who attended were: James, Joy, Sophia, Austin, Rob, Shantel, Lee, Jackson, Daphne, Lisa, Antwon, Stephen, and Mark Schwahn. 

  1. Bethany Joy Galeotti: "Nothing compares to Wilmington. I love it here. This place has really become home. It's in my heart." #othevening

James's final message to the fans was "Thank you." *cue the waterworks* 
  1. OTH has become the "Epic show that HAS." No longer the "Little show that could!" Thanks to each of you fans.. #AnEveningWithOneTreeHill xoxo
    1. At a total loss for words. I am so honored to have had this #OTH experience. My life is forever changed. Thanks to all of our amazing fans,
    2. What an amazing experience last night. I got emotional over the finality of it all. So grateful to those who came out to the event.
    3. Thank you to everyone who showed up and/or showed any kind of support for last night's Q&A. Good. Times. #YouTheManGoldfried

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