Thursday, January 12, 2012

Episode 9x01 "Know This, We've Noticed."

A voice over by Nathan. A fire. Dan Scott and Chris Keller in a car (WITH A GUN!). Chase in the back of a cop car. Quinn and Clay fighting. Brooke destroying a cafe. Haley walking into a morgue and crying when a sheet is lifted off a dead body. Julian being beat up. The first two minutes of the show leave you sad, confused, angry. WHAT IS HAPPENING?! 

Then the show opens with Brooke and Julian as new parents. Frustrated with all the crying and lack of sleep but you can see how happy Brooke is as a mom. 

Haley is laying in bed and her phone rings and a picture from Nathan in Utah (OTHS7) shows up on her phone. He is sitting in an airport trying to get home. He calls Haley his "angel" and says sweet dreams. (Heart melter!)

The episode flashes to a park where Clay is laying on a merry go round. Confused?! We see Quinn get out of the car and find out Clay has sleep walked all the way to the park by the River Court and she is very concerd..This is bound to bring up problems with Clinn.

We get a whole lot of Chalex scenes and they are happy (but most of the time they're having sex..) 

Haley walks into Karen's Cafe to find the door open...odd but nothing seems wrong.

We see Brooke walk into Karen's cafe and say "Hi everyone." They reply with "Hi Brooke." and she giggles and says "I love that!"

There are some awesome Baley scenes talking about how the babies won't sleep and Haley says "iPod and a glass of wine." Then Haley walks over to a table where Clay, Quinn, and Lydia are sitting and says goodbye to Quinn and Lydia. Clay looks upset so she says "iPod and a glass of wine." Haley leaves Karen's Cafe and says "Goodbye everyone." They reply with "Goodbye Haley" and she smiles and says "I love that!"

Haley goes to Red Bedroom to meet the guy who is going to run it and then Chris Keller turns around and says "Well, well.." Enough to give you the chills!

Chris flirts with Haley but Haley doesn't take any of it. Haley did not know Chris was the one she was emailing with because he used the name "Harry Johnson" (That's What She Said

We see Brooke talking to the twins trying to keep Jude up so he will sleep through the night then Victoria comes in and we see a whole different side of her as a grandma. Brooke has an idea for a new line called "Baker Man" and Victoria kind of brushes it off but I have a feeling it'll come back.

We see Chris listening to Alex's new song and saying the production was horrible (which he later ends up staying up all night to record new music for it) Alex and Chris bud heads but let's be honest: Who has Chris ever gotten along with?!

Quinn ends up staying up all night to make sure Clay doesn't go sleep walking (insert Perfect Girlfriend Award)

Haley comes downstairs in the Naley house and the door is opened so she goes to check on Jamie and he's fine but then her phone rings and she jumps. (Once again Nathan.) "You scared the hell out of me!" Then we see a shadow trying to get in the house..any guesses??

Brooke has an AMAZING voice over where she is driving around town with the boys (in the middle of the night) and sees the old her partying at 2am and she talkes about how different her life is. "I like Tree Hill like this, I like my car like this. Warm, safe, loved. It's what I wished for."

We flash to the twins's christening with Haley as the godmother and Brooke's dad is supposed to be the godfather but he's once again not there. Then he shows up later and Haley says "Wow, it's like seeing a bigfoot!" Dan walks into the church (insert chills) and tells Haley his diner has burned down and asks to stay at their house. I actually felt bad for Dan! He says "Do you know what it's like to have a beautiful granddaughter and have no expectations of holding her?" Haley lets Dan stay and we see Jamie talking to his grandpa. 

The end: Clay is sleepwalking at the River Court after he promised Quinn she could sleep. Brulian have sweet pillow talk until the twins start crying, Dan holds Lydia, and Chris tells Haley he missed her. Ending scene: Nathan walks in with a stuffed animal for Lydia and Dan is holding Lydia and says "Welcome home son." and Nathan looks furious...

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