Thursday, January 12, 2012

9x01 "Know This, We've Noticed."

This is my recap of the I felt and things to look for: First off it's going to be an amazing 13 weeks. This episode was so different than any before and the whole season is going to be like that. I loved seeing Brooke as a mom but Julian seemed off because of a deal for a sound stage and I didn't like it like that. I loved the Naley phone calls but can't wait for Naley face to face scenes. We saw Jamie asleep once and then talking to Dan once but I would like to see him more this season. Chalex was finally happy and that made me happy but the scenes were pretty dirty and that was it..No substance was weird. Alex and Chris were absolutely hilarious together fighting but I also loved seeing Haley and Chris together. The first two minutes rocked my world and had me breathless at the end. We didn't see Mouth/Millie/Skills in the episode so it will be interesting to see them more. It was so fun tweeting with everyone and seeing One Tree Hill, Chris Keller, Nathan Scott, Dan Scott, Haley James, and Lucas Scott all trended last night!! SO awesome! Next week's episode is titled: "In The Room Where You Sleep"


  1. The first couple minutes of this episode make me nervous. Although I know that Tree Hill can handle just about anything thrown it's way, an important death makes me so nervous that it's almost hard to think about everything else! Although many people seem to be speculating that it's Nathan, I don't believe it is, and honestly, I would be so upset if it was. I don't think it would be fair to give us a final season to say goodbye, and then leave us with a dead Nathan and a heartbroken Haley. It just doesn't make sense in my mind. What do you think? Do you think Mark would do that to us? Or do you expect someone else's death? They opened the season with so much drama, It's going to definitely create a very interesting season. I can only pray that all of the characters that we've come to adore get the happy ending they all deserve.

  2. I think that Dan is the one who dies. It's the only thing that makes sense. I guess he is sacrificing himself for Nathan or Lucas.