Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Everlast Portland

 Chad talking before it started (You can see Kenzie on the left)

 Most genuine person EVER!

Loved getting to chat with Kenzie!

Wow! Whirlwind of an experience! I can not wipe this HUGE smile off my face right now. I got their about an hour early and was SO nervous I didn't know what to do. Then 15 minutes later I saw Donald walk in and I freaked out. This was real and it was really happening. We waited in line and I ended up meeting  an #OTHFamily member which was so fun! Then a bit later they started lining people up and I was talking to my mom and looked out the corner of my eye and saw Chad and turned around. Then I whipped around! CHAD WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE! It was like I didn't realize it! Chad and Kenzie walked in and said hi to everyone then walked up the stairs to the area they were signing the books. I was 5th in line and so we talked to Donald for a few minutes--he is absolutely hilarious. Someone asked who he was and he said "Chad's slave, I mean best friend." :) Donald told us about how they had dinner at "Haley from One Tree Hill's" restaurant the night before and my heart smiled. Lucas and Haley together :) He was so funny and we got to hear about the journey from SF up to Portland. Then they said "You're next." I literally started shaking. My dream was about to come true. I was about to meet Lucas Scott  Chad Michael Murray the guy I grew up watching on One Tree Hill. The guy who sparked my love for writing and who taught us all to chase our dreams. I walked up and he shook my hand and said "Hi, I'm Chad." I said "Hi, I'm Amy." We chatted for a few minutes about the book and he said "I'm so glad this isn't like Luke's book signing where no one showed up." I was laughing and I was like "Such a good episode." Then I told him that I was @s9onetreehill and he was like "You are the one with the S9 right? Wow. I love tweeting my fans, the ones who are really dedicated and care." I thanked him for doing that and told him it means the world to us. Then I got a picture with Kenzie and he shook my hand one more time and then it was over. I got in the car and the radio was on and the song that was playing was "I Don't Wanna Be" by Gavin DeGraw. It truly was an #OTHthing and the night couldn't have been more perfect. 

He is literally the most genuine guy in the world. You would NEVER know he was a celebrity with how down to earth he was. He even said "Tweet me what you think about the book I really want to know." He truly cares about his fans and it really showed. Today will go down in the history book of my life. I've never been to Wilmington but now I can say that I have met Chad Michael Murray. 


  1. Ahhhhh!!!!!
    How cool! I'm so excited that you got to meet him!
    I hope one day I get too!
    You'll rememeber this day forever I'm sure! :)

  2. Wow that really is pretty amazing. So happy for you. Really hope he comes London for a signing. I wanna experience what you did!
    I'm actually genuinely happy for you!